Uptown Business Machines Fixes Scan to Email

Why is my printers’ scan to email not working ? What is the solution?

Updates to global security settings and changes to the internet / email protocols are changing all the time. This can create unnecessary office problems and administrative delays. As such, many of you have discovered that your printers’ scan to email feature is down or no longer working due to the latest round of security updates. We love our scan to email!!

The Solution: Uptown Business Machines has introduced a new secure Scan to Email service that makes this problem go away. With our “Printer Scan To Me” service, your printer / scanner will be up and scanning with improved reliability and security right away. If you don’t have scan to email or your current provider isn’t offering a satisfactory service?! No Problem, call us at 778-291-2849 x 1 or email us at and we can help you get your scan to email up and running today. In many cases this can be handled remotely and eliminate the need to wait for an onsite technician’s visit.

Uptown Business Machines – Part of the Solution!

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